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Escape message act of a PCF command

Unable to understand basic queuing system monitor concepts about the structure of the problem and wait is necessary to know in order to apply to daily life. Development Features: You can show customers the service system developed by various features. Sometimes they can not control the arrival of customers hospital queue management can sometimes be controlled. In addition, customers can develop a single person or group at a particular time. Queue Discipline: Service of the station, which puts the customer for the service and called the service selection policy applied disciplines. When customers enter a queue for service is determined by the discipline of services from entering a certain time in service. Service discipline used in the standard rules, the rules on first come first serve. 

Object of identification

Distinction as a single-channel and multi-channel service When you open a model queue, the following applies: For the model queue permission is DISPLAY needed, in addition to all other permissions also for Model queue, possibly for specified port options are needed. To create the dynamic queue permission CREATE not required. The user under which the model queue opens automatically queues all specific Permissions equivalent to ALL for the dynamic queue granted. Depending on the type of the object is opened, Either the queue, process, Namenslisten- or queue hospital queue management manager object checked. 3. OOINPUT must also be specified. This applies to a local, model, or alias queue.

This check is performed for all editions Exception see note OUTPUT must also be specified. 6. OOPASSENTITYCONTEXT is in this hospital queue management Option included. This authorization for both the queue manager object required and for this queue local or model queue performed, for which the queue attribute Usage is set to USTRANSMISSION and opened directly for output. This does not apply if a remote queue open was by either the name of the remote Queue manager and the remote queue or Name of a local definition of the remote queue is specified. First row space rules, random selection rule, the urgency feature of rule services, recently hospital queue management received service on the rules, the shortest waiting time is coming for demanding jobs service on the rules in the queue discipline. Construction of Facilities: Service facilities may be possible feature physical arrangement.

One of the following must also specify: OOINQUIRE for each Object or for queues. The executed verification corresponds to the other specified options, wherein the proved alternative user for reviewing the specifically specified object privilege and the current Application authorization for checking the Authorization ALTERNATEUSERENTIFIER is queuing system monitor used. Tables with permission specifications Chapter 7. Series objects protect 95 11. This privilege can specify any alternative user to AlternateUser. 12. A review is also OUTPUT performed when the queue attribute Usage for the queue to not USTRANSMISSION is set. 13 corresponds to the running review of the other specified options, wherein the proved alternative user for reviewing the specifically given permission and queues the current application permissions for the review Fun permission ALTERNATEUSERENTIFIER is used.

Permission over hospital queue management

The review will be performed only if the two following conditions are true:A permanent dynamic queue is closed and deleted. The queue was not of the OPENAufruf opened, the has returned. Otherwise, no verification takes place. General information: 1. The special authorization ALLI includes all of the following, which refer to the RITY 2. DELETE see Note 14 on page 96 and are DISPLAY classified as administrative privileges. They are not therefore in ALLI locked in. 3. 'No check' means that no authorization check performed becomes. Means hospital queue management that authorization checks queuing system monitor for this operation are not relevant. You can, for example, nocall for a Process Object spend.

Post by shelbygentile (2016-02-10 06:21)

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